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Alphabet Books

Are your preschoolers and kindergarteners learning the ABC’s? Reading Alphabet Books are a fun way for kids to practice letter recognition and other important pre-reading skills.

You can find printable and foldable alphabet books that your young learners can read. They can color the pictures and trace the words in their booklet too. 

There are also picture books that you can read aloud to you children when they are learning the alphabet to help them identify the letters within the text.


letter recognition


Whether you pick read aloud alphabet books or use the printable alphabet books for each letter, your preschoolers will identify capital and lowercase letters by their name and shape.

They will also develop their listening skills, work on concepts of print, and many other pre-reading skills that will help them become lifelong readers.

Printable Alphabet Books for Each Letter:

A printable book is simply a little book that you can print for your kids. You can make as many copies as you need so it is great activity for classroom teachers, homeschool co-ops, and childcare providers.

Letter A Book

Letter B Book

Letter C Book

Letter D Book

Letter E Book

Letter F Book

Letter G Book

Letter H Book

Letter I Book

Letter J Book

Letter K Book

alphabet books for each letter

Alphabet Book Lists for Kids: 

Reading pictures books aloud is always a fun way introduce a new letter of the alphabet to your preschoolers. These books lists will help your kids practice letter recognition, sounds, and more!

Letter A Books

Letter B Books

Letter C Books

Letter D Books

Letter E Books

Letter F Books

Letter G Books

Letter H Books

Letter I Books

Letter J Books

Letter K Books

Letter L Books

alphabet book for every letter

Using these printable and read aloud Alphabet Books with your preschoolers and kindergarteners is a fun way for them to practice letter recognition and other important pre-reading skills. 

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