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Book Lists For Kids

Are you looking for books to add to your unit or subject area? Do you want a story to help your kids understand or cope with something they are experiencing? Or, are you searching for a fun read aloud to share with your kids? We’ve gathered some of our favorite children’s books for you in these Book Lists for Kids!



Book Lists for Kids:

From alphabet books for every letter to stories written by Dr. Seuss, your kids are sure to enjoy hearing you read these educational, themed, holiday, and alphabet picture books! 


Educational Books:

Alphabet Books

Rhyming Books

Books about Writing


Themed Books:

Books About Starting Kindergarten

Ocean Books

Nature Books

Space Books

Dinosaur Books

Penguin Books

Apple Books

Pumpkin Books

Books About Teachers

Books to Teach Growth Mindset



Holiday Books:

Halloween Books

Groundhog Day Books

Valentine’s Day Books

Dr. Seuss Books (March 2nd)

St. Patrick’s Day Books

Christmas Tree Books

Gingerbread Man Books


These Books Lists  for Kids will add and extend to your children’s learning experiences. Reading picture books will be fun for all too! 


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Book Lists for Kids


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