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Cat Paper Puppet

Are you looking for simple Puppet Crafts for Kids? This book-inspired Cat Paper Puppet is a fun way for your preschoolers to learn shapes, practice cutting, develop fine motor skills, and much more! 


Fine Motor Skills


Cat Paper Puppet:

Creating crafts like this one can be a fun way for kids to develop their hand and eye coordination, muscle strength, and other important developmental skills. It’s also a great way for kids to work on their listening comprehension and following multi-step directions.


Fine Motor Activity


Why Are Fine Motor Skills Important?

From holding a pencil to turning the pages in a book, kids use their fine motor skills as they are learning to read and write.


The development of the small muscles in the hands and fingers in coordination with the eyes is important in not only children’s learning but also in their everyday life.


Getting Ready To Make The Cat Paper Puppet:

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What’s Included:

  • Cat Paper Puppet Template


What Else Is Needed:

  • White Card Stock
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Black Marker
  • Craft Sticks


To get this puppet craft ready for your kids to create, click on the button below to download and print the template. I like to print my resources on white card stock because it is durable, but you can use copy paper too.


How To Make The Cat Paper Puppet:

To begin making this book-inspired puppet, your kids will cut out all of the pieces. You may want to have extra copies of the templates just in case your children need them.


Book Activity


After cutting out all of the pieces, your kids will identify the different shapes that they will use to create their puppet. They can count and compare the number of shapes too. 


Preschool Crafts


Next, your kids will glue the white circle onto the black circle. They will then glue the triangle nose onto the center of the white circle. 


Book-Inspired Craft for Kids


Then, your kids will glue the two eyes just above the nose. After gluing on the eyes and nose, they will draw the cat’s mouth and whiskers using a black marker.


Craft for Kids


Your kids will set the cat’s head aside and assemble the hat by using the red and white rectangles in an alternating pattern. There is one white rectangle that is a little bigger for your children to use as the brim of the hat. 


After gluing the hat together, your kids will attach it to the top of the cat’s head using glue. Finally, they will glue a craft stick to the back of the cat to create a puppet. 


Puppet Crafts for Kids


Creating this book-inspired Cat Paper Puppet is a fun way for your preschoolers to learn shapes, practice cutting, develop fine motor skills, and much more! 



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Cat Paper Puppet


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Download The Freebie:

Click on the pencil below to download and print the puppet templates!