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Are you looking for Sight Word Activities for your kids? There are many fun and engaging ways to teach sight words and high frequency words.

As your children are beginning to learn how to read, they come across worrds that don’t follow the English language “rules” or Sight Words. There are also common words in writing called High Frequency Words. To become fluent readers and build comprenhesion skills, your kids should memorize these words.

Memorizing sight words and high frequency words can be difficult for some beginning readers. Making learning fun with hands-on, multi-sensory sight word activities, games, and resources. Your kids will love their word work and learning these challenging words.

Are you looking for word word activities for February? Grab this free printable Valentine Sight Word Activity! Valentine literacy activities like this one are a hands-on way for your young learners to practice reading words that can’t be sounded out. Sight words also include words like “the” and “can” that frequently appear in books and …

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As school starts back up again, it’s important to make sure your kids are prepared for the year ahead. One way to help them get ready is with resources like this Back-to-School Sight Word Activity. School literacy activities like this one will help your young learners become familiar with common words that they’ll see as they …

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Fill your cold, winter months full of fun reading activities like this Polar Bear Sight Activity! Your beginning readers can use this resource independently, with a partner, or in a small group during literacy centers or morning tub time. Whether you are looking for activities to celebrate International Polar Bear Day (on February 27th) or …

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