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How To Make A Cotton Ball Dinosaur Painting


Let the creativity fly for your child with this fun and beautiful Cotton Ball Dinosaur Painting!


Don’t you just love the versatility of cotton balls? How many times have you looked at them and thought just how perfect they are for crafting? I know that in our house, we love using cotton balls for all our crafting adventures. Our latest love using cotton balls? This totally awesome Cotton Ball Dinosaur Painting!


This is one of those crafts that I always like to pack and take with me on trips as well. All you need are cotton balls, paint, and some paper, and you’ve created a mobile painting and craft station for your little one!


Imagine the ease of letting your child literally paint anywhere that they want?! They’ll love the freedom and you’ll love that they can be creative at other locations than home! 


Take charge of your crafting options and make this one of your go-to home and go-to travel crafts that can be done literally anywhere. Spread the love of crafting with your little one and let them paint away with those cotton balls!


This masterpiece is certain to be deserved to hang on your fridge!


cotton ball dinosaur painting


How To Make A Cotton Ball Dinosaur Painting:

What’s Needed:

  • Paint
  • Cotton Balls
  • Clothespins
  • Contact Paper
  • White Card Stock



paint colors to use for cotton ball painting


How To Make:

To create this dinosaur craft, download and print the dinosaur template. (Click on the pencil below) If you are working with a group of children, print out a few copies for each group. Next, cut out the template. Then, trace the template onto the contact paper and cut out. Carefully, peel the backing from the contact paper and stick the dinosaur onto the card stock.


supplies needed for cotton ball painting


Next, clip cotton balls with clothespins. Then, dip the cotton balls into different colored paint and dab them onto the card stock. Keep dabbing the paper until it’s completely covered.


showing how to hold the cotton bowls for painting


After the paint is completely dry, carefully peel the contact paper off to reveal your dinosaur!


cotton ball dinosaur painting


This Cotton Ball Dinosaur Painting is a fun and creative process art activity for children of all ages. I love to make this craft with a group of kids because no two dinosaurs are alike! 


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Click on the  pencil  to  download  and  print  the  templates!