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How To Make Dinosaur Scratch Art Project


Every child is a little “obsessed” with dinosaurs, right? Let them go crazy with this fun and exciting Dinosaur Scratch Art Project!


It’s not often that we get the chance to create with scratch art in our house. And pairing it with dinosaurs makes it even more fun! The great part about this craft is that it helps your child learn to use their imagination while creating. Not only are the dinosaurs super simple to make, but the scratch art is seriously so much fun!


How many times have you set looking at your endless supply of craft items, just wondering what to make or do next? Worry and wonder no more because this Dinosaur Scratch Art is seriously perfect and so much fun.


Pair this simple craft up with learning all about dinosaurs! I love to head to the library and check out some books about the various dinosaurs and then read them to my little one while we are crafting away. It’s seriously the perfect combination of crafting fun and educational learning.


The next time your little one is wanting a new fun and engaging craft, look no further than this simple and addictive dinosaur craft!


dinosaur scratch art project


How To Make A Dinosaur Scratch Art Project:

What’s Needed:

  • Cardboard
  • Black Paint
  • Dish Soap
  • Crayons
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paint Brush
  • Colored Paper


supplies needed for this dinosaur craft


How To Make:

To begin making this science craft, download and print out the dinosaur templates. (Click on the pencil below) Next, cut the templates out and trace them onto cardboard. Then, cut the cardboard out.


dinosaur scratch art colored in a wide variety of colors


After cutting out the dinosaurs, color the cardboard with crayons. To make it colorful, use lots of different colors.


painting the cardboard dinosaur


After coloring the dinosaurs, mix 1 drop of dish soap with 3 drops of black paint in a small bowl. Next, paint over the entire dinosaur, covering all of the crayons. Then, allow the paint to dry completely.


showing how to make dinosaur scratch art


After the paint dries, use something pointy (but safe) such as stylus tool to scratch designs into the black paint. Next, assemble the dinosaurs and secure them with a dab of glue. Then, cut spikes from colored paper and glue onto the backs of the dinosaurs. 


dinosaur scratch art project


This Dinosaur Scratch Art Project is a fun craft for your kids to create and play with when learning all about dinosaurs.


Click on the pencil below to download and print the dinosaur templates!