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Dr. Seuss Activities for Kids

Whether you are celebrating Dr. Seuss Day or just looking for things to do after reading his books, these Dr. Seuss Activities for Kids are a fun way to practice reading, writing, and more! 


Dr. Seuss Activities for Kids


Dr. Seuss Activities for Kids:

Not only are these book activities fun to do after reading together, but they will also help your children learn and develop the skills they need in all areas of learning. Through these book-inspired activities, your kids will work on their letter recognition, creative writing, fine motor skills, and much more! 


Dr. Seuss Reading Activities:

Using hands-on, interactive reading activities is a great way for kids to practice different concepts as they learn how to read and develop into emergent readers. 

Wocket Pocket Read & Nonsense Word Sort

Circus Play Dough & Letter Mats

Reading Bingo

More Dr. Seuss Reading Activities


Dr. Seuss Writing Activities:

From developing pre-writing skills to writing creative stories, these book-inspired activities will help your children develop the skills they need to become fluent writers.

If I Ran The Zoo Inspired Writing Activity

Dr. Seuss Quotes Copywork

More Dr. Seuss Writing Activities


Dr. Seuss Math Activities:

From creating patterns to adding, your kids can practice the math concepts that they are learning with these fun, hands-on activities. 

Apples Up On Top Addition Game

The Cat’s Hat Pattern Activity

Hot Air Balloon Counting Activity

More Dr. Seuss Math Activities


Dr. Seuss Learning Activities for Kids


Dr. Seuss Science Activities:

Through interactive science activities and experiments, kids can learn many important skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and decision making. 

How To Make Oobleck

More Dr. Seuss Science Activities


Dr. Seuss Fine Motor Activities:

From holding a pencil to turning the pages in a book, kids use their fine motor skills everyday as they are learning to read and write. Interactive, hands-on activities are a great way for kids to develop these important skills. 

Shape of Me Shadow Clip Cards

More Dr. Seuss Fine Motor Activities


Dr. Seuss Book Crafts:

Creating crafts can be a fun way for kids to develop their fine motor skills, coordination, and muscle strength. These developmental skills are important, because they will help children to hold a pencil, write, and much more.

The Sleep Book Paper Plate Craft

The Lorax Inspired Hand Print Craft

The Lorax Inspired Puppet Craft

Dr. Seuss Inspired Puppets

More Dr. Seuss Inspired Kid Crafts


Dr. Seuss Treats:

Celebrate Dr. Seuss Day with a tasty treat! Baking goodies is a fun way for kids to practice math concepts such as counting and measuring. They will also work on listening comprehension, following multi-step directions, and more.

Grinch Cookie Pops

More Dr. Seuss Inspired Treats


Use these book-inspired Dr. Seuss Activities for Kids to help your kids learn concepts and skills across the curriculum. More importantly, have fun reading and learning together!


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Dr. Seuss Activities for Kids


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