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10 Earth Science Experiments


These Earth Science Experiments will make learning about the Earth fun for kids. Hands-on experiments are engaging and help your students comprehend what they are learning about the Earth. These science lessons are also a great way to celebrate Earth Day too! 



Earth Science Experiments:

Earth Day Slime| This is a fun way to let your kids get their hands dirty and create slime that resembles earth. They will have a blast making it and playing with the slime when they are done.

Layers of the Earth| Teach your students about all the different layers of the earth in this fun experiment. They will visually get to see all the layers that are inside the earth. 

How to Make A Volcano| Teach your students all about volcanoes as you make one using play dough and a container. Your kids will then see first hand what happens when it erupts. 

Why Is the Sky Blue| In this experiment, you can teach your students about light and why the sky is blue. This is a really fun experiment to do older children.

Egg Shell Seeds| This experiment is a great way to teach your students about how plants grow, give oxygen, and provide food. 

Rain Cloud| Make a rain cloud to show your child what happens when it rains.  It’s a great addition to your Spring or Weather units!

Tornado in a Jar| Let your students see up close how a tornado rotates when it is in the sky. This is a super simple experiment that is fun for all ages.

How Fold Mountains Are Formed| When the Earth moves it can transform. These transformations can create and change things. In this experiment, your kids can see first hand how the earth can mold and create mountains. 

Crystal Rainbow| Let your kids create stunning crystals that are rainbow colored! With a few ingredients, they will learn how to grow crystals overnight. 

Planet Density Test| In this fun experiment, your students can learn about the solar system. They will paint different balls and drop them into the water to see which will float and sink. 


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