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Fish Shadow Puppet

Creating book-inspired Puppet Crafts for Kids is such a fun way to extend the story and what your kids are learning! With this Fish Shadow Puppet, your preschoolers experiment with shadows and learn about the shapes that things make! 


Fish Puppet


Fish Shadow Puppet:

Cutting and gluing while making this fish puppet is a fun way for kids to develop their hand and eye coordination, muscle strength, and other important developmental skills.


Fine Motor Activity


Creating crafts is also a great way for kids to work on their listening comprehension and following multi-step directions.  


Why Are Fine Motor Skills Important?

From holding a pencil to turning the pages in a book, kids use their fine motor skills as they are learning to read and write.  


The development of the small muscles in the hands and fingers in coordination with the eyes is important in not only children’s learning but also in their everyday life.


Getting Ready To Make The Fish Shadow Puppet:

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What’s Included:

  • Fish Shadow Puppet Template


What Else Is Needed:

  • White Card Stock
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Craft Sticks


To get this puppet craft ready for your kids to create, fill out the form below to get the template in your inbox. After receiving the email, click on the button to download and print the template. I like to print my resources on white card stock because it is durable, but you can use copy paper too.


How To Make The Fish Shadow Puppet:

To begin making this shadow puppet, your kids will cut out the fish. There are 3 cats on each sheet of paper so you can divide them so each student has their own or you can have the extras just in case your children need them.   


Dr. Seuss Craft for Kids


After cutting out the fish, your kids will glue them to a craft stick. After the glue dries, they are ready to play with!   


Your children can use the fish puppet to explore and experiment with how shadows are created. They can try using different light sources and brightness.  


Dr. Seuss Activities for Kids


As your kids experiment making shadows, they can also try standing at different distances and angles from the wall.   After exploring how to make shadows, your kids can use their puppets to act out their favorite story about a fish.  


Book-Inspired Craft for Kids


This book-inspired Fish Shadow Puppet is a fun way for your preschoolers to learn all about shadows and the shapes that things make!



Pin It For Later:

Do you want to save this puppet craft for later? Pin this to your crafts for kids board on Pinterest and it’ll be here for when you’re ready!


Fish Shadow Puppet


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Download The Freebie:

Click on the pencil below to download and print the fish shadow puppet template!