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Fly Swatter Alphabet Game

Are you looking for a fun way for your kinesthetic learners to practice their letter recognition? This Fly Swatter Alphabet Game will get your kids moving while they practice learning the ABC’s!


Letter Recognition Activity


Fly Swatter Alphabet Game:

Hands-on activities are important for young children especially kinesthetic learners because they can make the connection between what they are doing with their bodies and what they are learning with their minds. 


This interactive game is also a fun way for pre-readers to practice identifying capital and lowercase letters. Depending on your children’s letter knowledge, you can mix both sets of cards together and have them find the matching letters too. 


Learning the ABC's


What Is Letter Recognition?

Letter recognition is the ability to recognize and name all of the lowercase and capital letters. Children who can recognize the letters of the alphabet can distinguish between them too.


Getting Ready To Use The Fly Swatter Alphabet Game:

What’s Included:

  • 26 Capital Letter Fly Cards
  • 26 Lowercase Letter Fly Cards
  • Frog Card


What Else Is Needed:

  • Frog Fly Swatter or Jumping Frogs
  • White Card Stock or Copy Paper
  • Laminator and Laminating Pouches
  • Scissors
  • Tape


To prepare this alphabet activity, click on the button below. Then, download and print the cards that you need. I like to print my resources on white card stock, because it is more durable. But, you can use copy paper too.


Next, laminate the alphabet cards so your kids can use them over and over. Then, cut them apart and put them in a resealable plastic bag or pencil pouch.


If you don’t have a frog fly swatter, you can print and cut out the picture of the frog. You can then laminate it and tape it to a regular fly swatter. 


How To Use The Fly Swatter Alphabet Game:

To begin playing this letter game, pick whether you want your kids to use just the capital letter cards, lowercase letter cards, or both sets. Next, your children can spread the cards on the floor or table.


They will then take turns to swat one of the alphabet cards with the fly swatter and say the name of the letter on the fly. (As with all activities, supervision is required!)


kinesthetic learners


If the player says the name of the letter correctly, he or she will pick up the card and put it in a pile. If the player doesn’t identify the letter correctly, he or she will simply leave the card in the playing area.


Your kids can take turns until all of the cards have been swatted and the letters are identified. 


Alphabet Game


Instead of using a fly swatter, your kids can also play this game using jumping frogs. They will place the jumping frog toy on the edge of the playing surface and make it jump onto an alphabet card.


Your children will then say the name of the letter on the fly that the jumping frog lands on. Just like in the fly swatter version of this game, they will collect the cards for the letters that they identify correctly. 


Your kids are sure to love playing this interactive Fly Swatter Alphabet Game! Shh… don’t tell them that they will be learning the letters of the alphabet too! 



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Learning the ABC's


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Tuesday 13th of July 2021


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