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Fox Sock Puppet

Creating Puppet Crafts for Kids is not only fun but a creative way for preschoolers to act out a story too. This book-inspired Fox Sock Puppet is easy to make, fun to play with, and will help children work on developmental skills. 


Puppet Craft

Fox Sock Puppet:

One of the 5 Pre-Reading Skills that children need to develop before learning how to read is language skills. A fun way for kids to work on these developmental skills is by retelling their favorite stories using puppets. 


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What Are Language Skills?

Having language skills means that children have the ability to speak and to listen. In order to learn how to read, children need oral language skills and the ability to communicate so they can describe the things they are hearing in stories and share their knowledge and ideas.


Getting Ready To Make A Cat Sock Puppet:

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What Is Needed:

  • Orange Sock
  • Orange Craft Foam
  • Black Pom Pom
  • Googly Eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue


How To Make A Fox Sock Puppet:

After reading Hattie and the Fox by Mem Fox or your favorite story about a fox, your kids will begin making this easy-to-make puppet craft.


Fine Motor Activity


First, your children will cut a triangle out of a piece of orange craft foam or felt to create the fox’s head. Next, they will cut two small triangles out of the orange craft foam and glue them to the top of the large triangle for the fox’s ears.


Book-Inspired Craft for Kids


If your children are just learning how to draw shapes, you can create triangle templates that they can trace on the foam. 


Craft for Kids


Then, your kids will glue their triangle onto their orange sock. After the glue dries, they will glue the black pom pom onto one of the points for the fox’s nose. Instead of using a pom pom, they can cut a circle out of black craft foam or felt. 


Puppet Crafts for Kids


Next, your children will glue two googly eyes on the center of the triangle for the fox’s eyes. Instead of using googly eyes, they can cut circles out of black and white craft foam or card stock. 


This Fox Sock Puppet is an easy book-inspired craft for kids to make and a fun way for pre-readers to develop their language skills. 



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Fox Sock Puppet


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