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Get Ready to Read Summer Camp Bundle

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collages of each of the 4 weeks and limited time offer for the bundle

What Do I Get in Each of the Weekly Themes?

You get 10 fun printable early literacy activities in each theme. Here’s a summary of what’s included in each one:

Week 1: Outdoor Fun

o  Day 1: Gardening

o  Day 2: Camping

o  Day 3: Picnic

o  Day 4: Beach 

o Day 5: Fishing

Week 2: Habitats

o  Day 1: Rainforest

o  Day 2: Pond

o  Day 3: Desert

o  Day 4: Forest

o Day 5: Ocean

Week 3: On the Go

o  Day 1: Cars

o  Day 2: Airplane

o  Day 3: Boat

o  Day 4: Train

o Day 5: Bike

Week 4: Summer Senses

o  Day 1: Taste

o  Day 2: See

o  Day 3: Hear

o  Day 4: Smell

o Day 5: Touch

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