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Halloween Letter Worksheets for Preschool

These Halloween Letter Worksheets for Preschool are a “boo-rific” way for your pre-readers to practice identifying and differentiating between similar-looking lowercase letters.

Just print these free, no-prep preschool worksheets for a fun and simple letter recognition activity for your young learners to do this fall. 

Letter Knowledge

Halloween Letter Worksheets for Preschool:

Before your children can learn how to read, they need to be able to identify and distinguish between all the letters of the alphabet.

But, there are so many letters that look similar so this can be very difficult for many kids.

Using activities like this one is a great way for them to develop their letter recognition and visual discrimination skills. 

Learning the ABC's

Getting Ready To Use The Halloween Letter Worksheets for Preschool:

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What’s Included:

  • 9 Halloween Letter Preschool Worksheets
    • 3 Bat Letter Match Worksheets
    • 3 Spider Letter Match Worksheets
    • 3 Ghost Letter Match Worksheets

In this packet, there are Halloween letter preschool worksheets for each theme: bat, spider, and ghost.

There is one version in color, one in black and white, and one that is blank so you can fill in your own letters. 

Letter Recognition Activity

What Else Is Needed:

To prepare this Halloween letter activity for your kids, click on the button below and fill out the form.

After receiving the email with the resource, download and print the color, black and white, or blank pages. You can then make as many copies as you need for your kids. 

How To Use The Halloween Letter Worksheets for Preschool:

On their worksheets, your preschoolers will first identify the lowercase letters. Next, they will draw a line to connect the two letters that are the same. 

Visual Discrimination Activity

If they are working on the bat worksheet, your kids will draw a line to connect the letters “a, b, d, o, and p.”

On the spider worksheet, they will draw a line to connect the letters “h, n, m, u, and, w.” On the ghost worksheet, your children will draw a line to connect the letters “f, i, j, and t.”

Worksheets for Preschool

If you are using the blank worksheets, you can fill in the tricky letters that you want your students to identify and match. 

How Can These Worksheets Be Turned Into A Reusable Activity?

If you want to turn this activity into a reusable resource, laminate the worksheets or place them in dry erase pockets, so your kids can use them over and over.

Your preschoolers can then use dry erase markers to draw lines and connect the matching letters. 

These no-prep Halloween Letter Worksheets for Preschool are a “spook-tacular” way for your kids to differentiate between similar-looking lowercase letters.

Pin It For Later:

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Preschool Worksheets

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Download The Halloween Letter Worksheets:

To get the Halloween tricky letters worksheets, click on the button below. After the PDF opens, you can download and print the resource.