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Hand Print Cow Craft

Are you looking for a “moo-rific” craft for your kids to make during your farm unit? This Hand Print Cow Craft is a creative way to turn your children’s hand prints into a favorite farm animal! 


Hand Print Cow Craft


Hand Print Cow Craft:

Creating crafts can be a fun way for kids to develop their fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination, muscle strength, and much more. These are important because when your kids have strong developmental skills, it will help them be able to hold a pencil, write, and even turn pages in a book. 


Creating Crafts Is Great For Fine Motor Skills


As a former classroom teacher and homeschool mom, I also want to share crafts that are easy for children of all ages to create in the classroom or at home. Like other moms, I especially love crafts that use my kids’ hand prints, foot prints, or fingerprints. They are such precious keepsakes!



Getting Ready To Make The Hand Print Cow Craft:

What’s Needed:

  • White, Black, Brown, Pink & Yellow Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Black Marker
  • Pencil



Hand Print Cow Craft Supplies


How To Make The Hand Print Cow Craft:

To begin making this farm animal craft, trace your child’s hand on white construction paper. Next, your child can cut it out. He or she may need help cutting around the fingers. 


After cutting out the hand print, draw and cut a triangle with rounded points out of white construction paper for the cow’s head and glue it onto your thumb. Next, draw and cut an oval out of the brown paper and glue it onto the bottom of the cow’s hear. Your child can then draw and cut two oval out of white paper and two smaller oval out of pink paper. After cutting out the ovals, glue the pink ones on top of the white ones and then glue them on the back of the cow’s head for the cow’s ears. To finish the cow’s head, draw and cut out two horns from yellow paper and glue them on the back of the animal head.


Cut Out The Hand Print Cow Shapes


After finishing the head, draw and cut a rectangle out of white paper for the cow’s tail and glue it onto the hand print. Next, draw and cut out black spots for the cow’s body and hooves. Finally, use a black marker to draw a mouth and nostrils on the cow.


Glue The Hand Print Cow Craft Together


This Hand Print Cow Craft is a creative craft for your kids to make during your farm unit or just a fun activity to do after visiting a farm!


Pin It For Later:

Do you want to save this farm animal craft for later? Pin this to your crafts for kids board on Pinterest and it’ll be here for when you’re ready!


Hand Print Cow Craft


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