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Bat Silhouette Craft

Are you looking for Halloween crafts for your kids to create? Then, you’ll want to try Bat Silhouette Craft! There is a free bat template so it is easy and fun to paint. 


Craft for Kids


Bat Silhouette Craft:

Creating crafts can be a fun way for kids to develop their fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination, muscle strength, and much more. These developmental skills are important, because they will help children be able to hold a pencil, write, and even turn pages in a book.


Process Art Project


Getting Ready To Make A Bat Silhouette Craft:

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What’s Needed:

  • Black Card Stock
  • Bat Cutouts
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • White Paint
  • Paper Plate
  • Feather Duster
  • Yellow Card Stock
  • Glue


Process Art


Before your kids make this Halloween craft, download (click on the pencil below) and print out the bats. To save time, cut the bats out too. You can also pour white paint on small paper plates.


How To Make A Bat Silhouette Craft:

To begin making this bat craft, tape one, two, or three bats onto a piece of black card stock.  You will be removing the paper bats so loosely secure them onto the paper.


Halloween Craft


Next, dip a feather duster into the white paint and lightly press it onto the piece of black paper. To create different strokes, you can move the feather duster in a variety of directions and add more or less pressure to it. Then, continue to apply paint to the feather duster and paint until the entire piece of paper is covered.


Bat Craft


After the paint dries, gently remove the bat cutouts. Finally, cut a circle or other moon shape out of the yellow card stock and glue it in the corner of the black paper.


(Tip: Immediately run the feather duster under water to rinse the paint off of it. Then, let it air dry. After it is dry, use your fingers to fluff up the feathers so it is ready to reuse for the next feather duster craft.)


Extend The Learning:

If you are looking for a way to extend this Halloween craft into a learning activity, here are some ways to add an educational component to this process art:


  • After creating this bat craft, your kids can write a creative story about their bat. You can give them a prompt such as “It was Halloween night and the full moon was bright…”


  • You can read fiction and non-fiction books to learn more about these flying mammals.


Your kids are sure to have fun this Halloween painting with a feather duster and creating this Bat Silhouette Craft!



Pin It For Later:

Do you want to save this craft for later? Pin this to your crafts for kids board on Pinterest and it’ll be here for when you’re ready!


Bat Silhouette Craft


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Download The Freebie:

Click on the pencil below to automatically download and print the bat templates!

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