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Inside My Body Sensory Bin

Are your kids interested in learning about the human body? Let them learn about their organs by exploring this Inside My Body Sensory Bin


Inside My Body Sensory Bin: Open-Ended, Sensory Play Activity


Inside My Body Sensory Bin:

Isn’t the human body amazing? All of the organs have to work together to function properly. My children became interested in how our bodies work when my husband was recovering from heart failure. His condition caused many problems with his other organs including his kidneys, pancreas, and lungs. 


Through exploring this open-ended sensory bin, my kids learned more about the organs and how they work together like a circuit. They also discovered (and was reassured) that their dad was okay to be okay once his organs had time to heal. If you have children who are interested in learning more about the human body, try this sensory learning activity. 


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Getting Ready To Use The Inside My Body Sensory Bin:

What’s Needed:

To prepare body part templates, click on the pencil below to download the free printable. Next, print the body parts templates on white card stock or copy paper. Then, laminate the templates and cut out each piece. 


To set-up the sensory bin, fill an activity tray or small bin with red and white water beads. I love to use dish pan containers because they are deep so the water beads won’t spill over the edge of the container. 



After putting the water beads and water in the container, add red pom poms and dark red buttons. You can also use white pom poms, buttons, or ping pong balls if you want to add more to your sensory bin. Finally, add the pictures of the organs. 


How To Use The Inside My Body Sensory Bin:

There are so many entertaining and educational ways to use this sensory bin. Here are just a few of our favorite ideas:

1. Invite your kids to simply explore this open-ended sensory bin. 



2. Read children’s books about the human body. As you read about an organ, have your children find it in the sensory bin.

3. Extend the learning and discuss with your children the function of the different organs and how they help us.



4. Use the Professor Noggin’s Human Body Card Game and have your kids match the organs in the sensory bin to the cards.


5. Say the name of a organ and have your children find it in the sensory bin. Then, they can place the organ where it can be found in an outline of a human body. 


Inside My Body Sensory Bin: Open-Ended, Sensory Play Activity


This Inside My Body Sensory Bin is an open-ended, sensory play activity that kids can explore as they learn more about their organs and how their bodies work. 


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Inside My Body Sensory Bin: Open-Ended, Sensory Play Activity


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*Please note:  Children should be supervised while using this sensory bin. It is not suitable for children under the age of 3 because the water beads can be a choking hazard.


Download And Print The Template:

Click on the pencil to download and print the organ templates!

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