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Letter A Printable

Are you looking for Letter A activities for your preschoolers? This Letter A Printable is a fun, hands-on preschool worksheet for pre-readers who are learning letter recognition, formation, and beginning sounds.


Letter A


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Letter A Printable:

Using simple activities like this one is not only an engaging way for your kids to learn concepts such as letter recognition. But, it’s also a great activity for developing fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination, and much more.


Letter A Printable


What Is Letter Recognition?

Letter recognition is is the ability to recognize and name all of the lowercase and capital letters. In addition, kids who can recognize the letters of the alphabet can also distinguish between them too. 


What Is Needed To Use The Letter A Printable:

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What’s Included:

  • Letter A Printable


What Else Is Needed:

  • Copy Paper
  • Pencil
  • Crayons or Markers
  • Bingo Dauber


To prepare this worksheet for preschool, fill out the form below and then check your email. In the email, click on the button to automatically download and print the printable.  


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How To Use The Letter A Printable:

To use this preschool worksheet, your kids will trace the large capital A and lowercase a. They can use a pencil, crayon, marker, or even something more tactile like glitter glue. 


Preschool Worksheets


Next, your kids will color the picture of the apple. If you are helping your children complete the worksheet, you can talk about how apple begins with the letter A and teach them all the sounds that A makes. 


Your children will then use a Bingo dauber or a crayon to color in all of the circles that have lowercase a’s and capital A’s. They can use different colors to differentiae between the capital and lowercase letters too. 


Letter A Worksheet


Finally, your kids will trace the capital A’s and lowercase a’s for more letter formation and writing practice. 


This preschool worksheet is a simple activity for young children in any early childhood classroom or homeschool to use when learning all about the first letter of the alphabet.


This Letter A Printable is a fun, hands-on preschool worksheet for pre-readers who are learning letter recognition, formation, and beginning sounds.


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Monday 25th of September 2023

I really like this worksheet.

Elizabeth Smith

Friday 8th of September 2023

Looking for letter recognition activities for my preschool class.


Friday 1st of September 2023

Thank you for making this free!


Tuesday 29th of August 2023

Great ideas I can use in my classroom!


Thursday 24th of August 2023

Just what I was looking for

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