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Letter D Dove Craft

Creating crafts to learn about the alphabet is fun and this Letter D Dove Craft is no exception! It’s amazing how many words in the world start with the letter “D”. In a child’s life, the most common ones that they would think of would more than likely be dog, donut, dad, dig and dinosaur. Why not expand their knowledge of words that start with the letter “D” by introducing this Letter D Dove Craft to them?


I always like to incorporate learning along with the crafts that we are working on so when it comes to imagination and education, they tend to go hand in hand. While your students are crafting away on this fun and engaging dove craft, talk to them about these beautiful birds as well. Talk about where they live, what climate they prefer, what food they eat and if they are found in your area of the world. This craft is a great way to learn more about doves while also using their hands and minds to create!

A Super Fun & Easy Letter D is for Dove Craft For Kids

How To Make A Letter D Dove Craft:

What’s Needed:

  • Letter D and Dove Templates
  • Printer
  • Craft Foam
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black Marker
  • Paper or Card Stock
  • Googly Eyes


To prepare for this activity, download the letter D and dove templates (click on the pencil below) and print them onto paper or card stock. Next, cut the letter templates out. If you are making these with a group of children, you may want to make a few letter templates. I usually make one or two per table so the students can take turns and share.



How To Make:

To begin the activity, your students will trace the letter D onto a piece of craft foam and cut it out. They will then trace the dove template onto white craft foam and cut it out.



After cutting out the pieces, your students will glue the dove to the letter D. Next, they will draw a beak on the orange craft foam and cut it out. They will then glue the beak onto the dove.



Finally, your students will glue on a googly eye. They can also use a black marker to add detail to the beak and wings.



This Letter D Dove Craft is a fun way to not only learn the fourth letter of the alphabet but also that a dove is a kind of bird that begins with “D.” Your students will also work on developing their fine motor skills and hand muscle strength as they create this letter of the week craft too.


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Click On The Pencil Below To Download And Print The Letter D Templates!