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Letter E Eagle Craft

Did you see the Letter D Dove Craft that we created last week? We had so much fun learning all about the letter D and doves. So, we are sticking with the bird theme and making an Letter E  Eagle Craft this week. This alphabet activity is a simple way to introduce a new letter and have fun learning all about one of America’s national symbols.

How To Make A Letter E Eagle Craft:

What’s Needed:

  • Letter E and Eagle Templates
  • Printer
  • Craft Foam
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black Marker
  • Paper or Card Stock
  • Googly Eyes



To prepare for this activity, download the letter E and eagle templates (click on the pencil below) and print them onto paper or card stock. Next, cut the letter templates out. If you are making these with a group of children, you may want to make a few letter templates. I usually make one or two per table so the students can take turns and share.

How To Make:

To begin the activity, your students will trace the letter E onto a piece of craft foam and cut it out. Next, they will trace the eagle template onto craft foam and cut it out. We used brown craft foam for the body and the stick that the eagle is sitting on, white for the head, and yellow for the beak and talons.


After cutting out the pieces, your students will glue all of the parts of the eagle together and then glue it to the letter E.

Finally, your students will glue on the googly eyes. They can also use a black marker to add detail to the body and wings.


This Letter E Eagle Craft will not only help with letter recognition and letter formation but also with learning the sounds that “e” makes. It’s also a perfect time to teach your students all about eagles and why it is one of America’s national symbols.


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Click On The Pencil Below To Download And Print The Letter E Templates!


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