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Letter Recognition Sensory Bin

When you are teaching letter recognition skills to your kids, make learning fun with hands-on activities like this Letter Recognition Sensory Bin!

Alphabet sensory bins can help your tactile and visual learners work on identifying lowercase and capital letters through play.

Your preschoolers and kindergarteners will also practice their visual discrimination and fine motor skills as they find and color the letters on their recording sheets.

Learning the ABC's

In this activity, you can have your children work on just a few lowercase or capital letters at a time.

As they learn the letters, you can add more cards to the sensory bin every time they play.

After your kids know one set, you can mix the lowercase and capital letters together.

How To Use This Alphabet Sensory Bin:

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What’s Included:

  • 26 Capital Letter Cards
  • 26 Lowercase Letter Cards
  • 1 Capital Letter Recording Sheet
  • 1 Lowercase Letter Recording Sheet

What Else Is Needed:

  • Plastic Container
  • Sensory Bin Filler
  • Card Stock
  • Scissors
  • Bingo Dauber or Crayons

To get the printables for this activity, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Next, download and print the cards on white card stock. Then, laminate the cards and cut them apart.

After cutting the cards apart, place them in a plastic container filled with foam blocks, shredded paper, pom poms, or another sensory bin filler.

Letter Recognition Activity

Finally, print the recording sheets on copy paper and make as many copies as you need for your students.

Ways To Use This Letter Sensory Bin:

For this letter recognition activity, your kids will pick a card out of the sensory bin and identify the capital or lowercase letter on it.

They will then search for that letter on their recording sheet. When they find it, they will color it using a Bingo dauber or crayons.

Your children can also cover the letters using small manipulatives such as mini erasers, pom poms, or counters.

How To Expand This Letter Recognition Activity:

There are many ways that you can expand this letter recognition activity to meet the needs of all your students.

After picking a letter card out of the bin, your kids can say the sound that letter makes as they color it in on their recording sheet.

With their finger, your children can also trace over the letters to practice how they are formed.

Letter Sensory Bin

You can also pair this activity with your favorite alphabet books. Your kids can find the letter they pick out of the sensory bin in the book.

More Letter Recognition Activities:

If your preschoolers like this alphabet sensory bin, they are sure to enjoy these too.

These letter recognition activities are a fun way to add more sensory play into your day!

Alphabet Sensory Bin

Why Should Letter Recognition Be Taught In Early Childhood?

Your preschoolers and kindergarteners need to identify and distinguish between all of the letters before they can learn how to read.

Practicing letter recognition with activities like this one is a fun, hands-on way for your kids to practice naming and finding capital and lowercase letters.

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Download the Letter Recognition Sensory Bin Printables:

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Thursday 15th of September 2022


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