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How To Manage Morning Tubs In Your Classroom


You now have your morning tubs printed, laminated, and organized. You’re ready to start, right?! Well, some of you may be wondering how you are going to manage your morning tub time and routine. You will have to decide what will work best for you and your students since every classroom is different. But, I have some Morning Tub Management tips to share!


How To Manage Morning Tubs


Morning Tub Management:

Free Choice

As your students walk into the classroom and put their things away, they select a morning tub activity for the day. They are going to be more engaged and motivated to learn, because they are choosing the activity that they want to do. You are still facilitating their learning because you are choosing which activities you want to include in the tubs. But, they feel empowered because they are picking from the activities that you chose.


Morning Tub Management: Free Choice


Working With Others

Your students can learn so much during purposeful play including how to interact and communicate with their peers. As they work collaboratively, they will build social skills and learn from one another. Just like with every other activity in your classroom, you will have to teach your students what is expected from them while they are working with others. During morning tub time, my students are expected to share materials, work together, help each other, and talk to one another nicely.


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Morning Tub Management: Working Together


Digital Portfolio

One of my favorite things about morning tubs is that there are no worksheets that your students have to complete. If you want to keep track of the concepts that they are working on, your students can take pictures as they are working to document what they are learning. They can take ownership over creating a digital portfolio of their work. Your student can be accountable for what they are learning.


Morning Tub Management: Digital Portfolio


I hope that these Morning Tub Management tips help you get started. Remember that if something isn’t working, you can always change it. I have used morning tubs every year that I have taught and have adapted and changed them throughout the year depending on my students’ needs.


If you have questions or need more suggestions, please leave a comment below and I will be happy to help.


Morning Tub Management, How To Manage Morning Tubs


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