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Paper Bag Frog Craft For Kids

Are you teaching your children all about frogs and looking for an easy-to-make craft for kids? Then, you’re in the right hop… I mean spot! Take the leap and make this simple Paper Bag Frog Craft today! 


Paper Bag Frog Craft


Paper Bag Frog Craft:

So, you may be wondering why I’m sharing how to make this frog craft on ABC’s of Literacy. Well, creating crafts can be a fun way for kids to develop their fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination, muscle strength, and much more. Why are these skills important for your children to develop? When your kids have strong developmental skills, it will help them be able to hold a pencil, write, and even turn pages in a book. Creating crafts is also a great way for kids to work on their listening comprehension and following multi-step directions.


Getting Ready To Make The Paper Bag Frog Craft:

What’s Needed:

  • Green Paper Bag
  • 1 ½ in. Hole Punch
  • Pink Construction Paper
  • Red Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Googly Eyes
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Black marker



If you don’t have green paper bags, you can paint white or brown ones with green paint. Simply, paint one side of the bag and let it dry. Then, flip it over and paint the other side. You might need to use two coats depending on the type of paint that you use. 


How To Make The Paper Bag Frog Craft:

To begin making this frog craft, use the hole punch to cut two pink circles for each bag. Next, use a ruler and scissors to cut the red paper into 1 inch strips. You need one strip for each puppet. After cutting the paper, curl the strip around a pencil to create a curled tongue.


Spring Craft for Kids


Then, fold down the paper bag about 2 inches from the top and press it to create a tight crease so the bag will remain closed. 


Frog Craft for Kids


Next, use glue to attach the pink circles to the folded flap. Then, glue the googly eyes in place. After the glue dries, use a black marker to create two dots for the nose. Finally, use glue to attach the tongue under the paper bag folded flap. After the glue dries completely, you can fill the bag with goodies.


Craft for Kids


This Paper Bag Frog Craft is a fun and simple activity to add to your Spring unit or frog study. It’s a great way for kids to develop their fine motor skills and work on following directions. 


Pin It For Later:

Do you want to save this frog craft for later? Pin this to your kids’ crafts board on Pinterest and it’ll be here for when you’re ready!


Paper Bag Frog Craft


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