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Peppermint Science Experiment

Are you looking for 25 Days of Christmas Activities for your kids to do this holiday season? Try this Peppermint Science Experiment! It is an easy and fun way to teach your children about how sugar dissolves when mixed with warm water.


Science Experiment for Kids


Peppermint Science Experiment:

This holiday science experiment is easy for a group of young children to do together which makes it perfect for early childhood classroom or homeschool co-ops. You can divide your class into small groups and have each one test different colored peppermints and water temperatures. 


Candy Science Experiment


Why Is Science Important?

Not only are science experiments a lot of fun, but your kids can learn many important skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and decision making.


Through hands-on science activities your children can also practice asking questions, observing, recording data, analyzing the results, and drawing conclusions. These skills will help your kids in all areas of their learning including reading and writing! 


Getting Ready To Do The Peppermint Science Experiment:

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What’s Needed:

  • Peppermint Candies
  • 1 Cup of Warm Water
  • Glass Plate


To set-up this science activity, set the glass plate on a level surface. Next, place the peppermints in a circle on the plate so there is about an inch of space around each one. You can use the red and white peppermints or try the different colored ones.


STEM education


How To Do The Peppermint Science Experiment:

To begin this simple science experiment, slowly pour the warm water into the center of the plate until the water spreads and covers the bottom of the candy. 


Simple Science Experiment for Kids


As the water moves from the middle of the plate to the rim, it touches the candies and begins to dissolve the sugar.


Science Activity for Kids


Within seconds, your kids can watch as the colors begin to spread and move all around the plate.


Simple Science Experiment


As your children observe the candies, they can time how long it takes for the colors to spread and record the data. Your kids can also take pictures or video of the experiment. 


The Science Behind The Skittles Science Experiment:

The peppermint candies are made up of sugar and colored dye. Sugar dissolves in water and the warm water helps dissolve the water faster. As the sugar dissolves and the colored dye begins to run and blend together.


This Peppermint Science Experiment is a simple, hands-on science activity to teach your kids how sugar dissolves when mixed with warm water. It’s a fun and festive way for your young children to celebrate the holidays too! 


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Peppermint Science Experiment


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