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Polar Bear Morning Basket


Are you looking for a morning basket idea for January? Try a Polar Bear Morning Basket! Your kids can learn about the parts of a polar bear that help it survive in the frigid Arctic temperatures. You can also teach your children about the polar bear’s life cycle and how they change and adapt. There are so many fun activities that your kids are sure to love!


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What’s Included In Our Polar Bear Morning Basket:

Polar Bear Unit:

From posters to diagrams, this packet of resources will help you teach and your kids learn all about the life cycle and parts of a polar bear. There are a variety of activities like a science experiment and writing craft that your children will really enjoy! I created a packet for both of my children so they can use it as reference in the future too. 

Polar Bear Activities



There are so many great non-fiction and fiction books about polar bears. We will be continuing to read through the Magic Tree House series and the nonfiction companion to the read aloud. We will also be reading books to compare polar bears to penguins and grizzly bears. These are a few of the books that we will be reading this month:

Polar Bears Past Bedtime

Polar Bears and the Arctic: A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Tree House

National Geographic Readers: Polar Bears

Where Do Polar Bears Live?

Polar Bears: In Danger

If Polar Bears Disappeared

Polar Bear Babies

Who Would Win? Polar Bear vs. Grizzly Bear



We love games! They are such a fun way to learn about a variety of topics including the Arctic. These are a few of the games that we will be playing this month:

Hit the Habitat Trail

North Pole Expedition 


Hand-On Activities:

Hands-on activities are always fun to do during morning time! From puzzles to sensory bins, there’s so many educational activities that your children can explore while you read aloud to them. Here are a couple of the hands-on activities for this unit:

National Geographic 3D Arctic Puzzle

4D Polar Bear Model Puzzle

National Geographic Arctic Morphing Matter and Arctic Animals for a sensory bin



Have you tried CuriosityStream yet? I just got a subscription, and it is full of educational videos and documentaries. I have one about polar bears saved and can’t wait to find more about other Arctic animals. Here are a few videos available on YouTube too, but please preview the videos before showing them to your children: 

Polar Bear | Amazing Animals 

Polar Bears and How to Save Them | Mission Animal Rescue 


Other Resources:

When we are doing our morning basket, I have found that it is the best time for us to review the calendar, write in our journals, and do any additional activities such as our mindfulness exercises or life skill practice. This month, we will be using these resources:

Big Life Journal: 2020 Goal-Setting Kit

All About Today Calendar Board

How to Tie Your Shoes


Polar Bear Morning Basket, January Morning Basket, Morning Basket


If you are looking for a theme for January, your kids are sure to enjoy a Polar Basket Morning Basket. I hope they enjoy these resources and activities as much as my kids do!