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Popcorn Counting Mats


Celebrate National Popcorn day on January 18th with these fun Popcorn Counting Mats!  This interactive number activity is a fun, hands-on way to practice identifying numbers and counting from 1 to 20. Use these numbers mats for morning baskets, choice tubs, or just as an entertaining independent activity. 


Popcorn Counting Mats: Hands-On Math Choice Tubs


Popcorn Counting Mats:

What’s Included:

  • Popcorn Mats 1-20
  • 20 Popcorn Pieces


There are 2 different styles of counting mats. The first one has just a number on a popcorn box. The other counting mat has a popcorn box, number word to trace, number to trace, and ten frame.


Popcorn Counting Mats: Hands-On Math Choice Tubs


To prepare this activity, print the mats and popcorn pieces on paper or card stock. For extra durability, laminate the printables and cut the pieces apart. Instead of laminating the mats, you can place them inside of a dry erase pocket. 


What Else Is Needed:

  • Dry Erase Marker
  • Popcorn, Pom Poms, or Play Dough
  • Dry Erase Pockets



How To Use:

Your students will select a mat and identify the number. They will then trace over the number word and number using a dry erase marker.



Next, your students will use popcorn, pom poms, play dough or the popcorn pieces included and count out the number. They will then place the popcorn in the popcorn box and mark the number in the ten frame. 


Popcorn Counting Mats: Hands-On Math Choice Tubs


Your kids will love combining snack time and math together with these interactive Popcorn Counting Mats! 


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Click on the pencil to download and print the Popcorn Counting Mats!