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Penguin Alphabet Sensory Bin

Add more sensory play into your day with this simple Penguin Alphabet Sensory Bin!  It’s an engaging and entertaining way for your preschoolers and kindergarteners to work on learning the ABC’s this winter.  This penguin-themed sensory activity is easy to set up and use in any early elementary classroom or homeschool. With just a few …

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Penguin Letter Search Activity

Are you looking for a letter recognition resource for your preschoolers? Then, grab this free printable Penguin Letter Search Activity!  There are so many different ways to use this resource to make learning the ABC’s fun this winter! One of the five pre-reading skills that your kids need to learn is letter knowledge. Using hands-on …

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Penguin Number Words Book

Are you looking for penguin activities for your preschoolers and kindergartens? Then, you’ll want this Penguin Number Words Book! This reading activity is a simple way for your pre-readers and beginning readers to practice concepts of print and read number words. Simple printable books like this one can be used to teach and practice the  concepts of …

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