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Sensory Activities for Letter Recognition

Are you teaching letter recognition to your kids this year? These Sensory Activities for Letter Recognition are a fun, hands-on way for them to practice the concepts they are learning.

Through sensory play, your preschoolers and kindergarteners can work on letter identification, formation, order, and much more.

These activities will also help your children to develop their visual discrimination and fine motor skills.

Hands-on learning teaches your kids many useful skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision making.

Alphabet Sensory Bins

Sensory activities are a fun way for your children to use their senses of touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing. They can also include movement and balance resources.

Sensory play is important because your kids can work on developmental skills such as language, listening, and fine motor skills. 

This type of play also helps your preschoolers and kindergarteners learn to explore, investigate, observe, experiment, and much more.  

Alphabet Sensory Activities:

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These sensory activities are easy to set up and use in any early elementary classroom or homeschool.

For the bins, you simply need a plastic container and filler such as sand, rice, noodles, or shredded paper.

Letter Sensory Activities

You can add other objects that your kids can explore along with the printables letter cards or letter manipulatives.

For the mats, print them on card stock and then laminate each sheet or place them in dry erase pockets.

Letter Recognition Sensory Bins:

Through sensory bins, your children can play with different materials that will stimulate their senses as they work on learning the ABC’s and develop their visual discrimination skills. 

Magnetic Letter Sensory Bin

Fishing Alphabet Sensory Bin

4th of July Alphabet Sensory Bin

Watermelon Alphabet Sensory Bin

Seashell Alphabet Sensory Bin

Sun Letter Recognition Activity

Strawberry Letter Recognition Activity

Pumpkin Alphabet Sensory Bin

Turkey Alphabet Sensory Bin

Snow Alphabet Sensory Bin

Gingerbread Man Alphabet Sensory Bin

Penguin Alphabet Sensory Bin

Unicorn Alphabet Sensory Bin

Circus Alphabet Sensory Bin

Construction Alphabet Sensory Bin

Learning the ABC's

Letter Recognition Play Dough Mats:

As your children roll, squeeze, and shape the play dough into letters on their mats, they will not only work on letter recognition but develop their fine motor skills too.

Sun Alphabet Play Dough Mats

Apple Alphabet Play Dough Mats

Pizza Alphabet Play Dough Mats

More Letter Recognition Sensory Activities:

From a sensory bottle to writing trays, your kids can also use these interactive sensory activities as they are learning the ABC’s.

Letter Sensory Bottle

Muddy Pigs Alphabet Writing Tray

Seashell Alphabet Writing Tray

Letter Recognition Activities

What Are the Benefits of Using Letter Manipulatives?

In sensory activities, you can use different letter manipulatives such as magnets, tiles, or beads.

These tools give your kids a hands-on way to interact with the letters of the alphabet.

By using letter manipulatives, your children have visual and tactile ways to see and feel how letters are formed.

How Can I Reuse These Letter Recognition Activities?

After you download the printables for each activity, print the play dough mats or parts that are put into the sensory bins on card stock.

Next, laminate the printables so your children can reuse the pieces over and over.

When your kids are done using the sensory activities, you can store the resources in a plastic bag or large envelope.

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