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Sensory Activities

Are you looking to add more sensory play into your day? From sensory bins to play dough, there are many tools and resources that you can use in your children’s Sensory Activities. They are also a fun, hands-on way to incorporate learning other concepts such as letter recognition, pre-reading skills, phonics, and sight words. 


Sensory Activities for Sensory Play


Sensory Activities for Kids:

Sensory Activities stimulate your children’s senses of touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. They also include movement and balance activities. This type of play is important so your children can work on developmental skills such as language and fine motor skills. Sensory play also let your kids learn to explore, investigate, observe, experiment, and much more.  


Play Dough Mats:

There are so many benefits to playing with play dough! And, these play dough mats will make learning a variety of different concepts and skills fun for kids. 

Flower Parts Play Dough Mat

Spilt Milk Play Dough Mats

Sun Alphabet Play Dough Mats

Farm Animal Play Dough & Letter Mats

Play Dough Sight Word Cards

Circus Play Dough & Letter Mats

Pizza Alphabet Play Dough Mats

Apple Alphabet Play Dough Mats


Play Dough Recipes:

Jello Play Dough

Marshmallow Peeps Play Dough

Kool-Aid Play Dough

Apple Play Dough

Pumpkin Play Dough

Caramel Apple Play Dough  


Sensory Bins:

Sensory Bins are a fun, hands-on way to explore a material that will stimulate your children’s senses as they learn concepts such letter recognition, visual discrimination, skills, and much more. 

Magnetic Letter Sensory Bin

Fossil Sensory Bin

Ocean Animal Sensory Bin

Ocean Moon Sand Sensory Bin

Dinosaur Sensory Bin

Sun Letter Recognition Activity

Strawberry Letter Recognition Activity

Inside My Body Sensory Bin

Construction Alphabet Sensory Bin

St. Patrick’s Day Letter Mats & Sensory Bin  



Sensory Bottles:

An engaging way to encourage non-messy sensory play is by using a sensory bottle. Like sensory bins, they are a fun way to learn concepts like letter recognition or extend a book into a learning activity. 

Letter Sensory Bottle

Brown Bear Sensory Bottle


Writing Trays:

Writing trays are a multi-sensory way for kids to work on letter formation, sight words, pre-writing skills, and much more. 

Muddy Pigs Alphabet Writing Tray

Dinosaur Mud Sight Word Writing Tray


More Sensory Activities:

4th of July Sensory Painting

Sand Slime for Sensory Play


Through Sensory Activities, your kids can work on developmental skills like language and fine motor skills. They are also a fun way to incorporate learning other concepts such as letter recognition, phonics, and sight words, and much more!


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Sensory Activities for Kids