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St. Patrick’s Day Sight Word Bingo Game


This printable St. Patrick’s Day Sight Word Bingo Game is a fun learning activity that is perfect to play in the days leading up to St. Patrick’s Day. You can play this high frequency word game during your small groups, literacy centers, or Spring party.



How To Play The St. Patrick’s Day Sight Word Bingo Game:

What’s Needed:

  • St. Patrick’s Day Sight Word Bingo Game
  • White Paper or Card Stock
  • Scissors or Paper Cutter
  • Mini Erasers, Gold Coins, Stickers, Fruit Loop Cereal (optional)

To prepare this St. Patrick’s Day party activity, click on the pencil below and print everything you need for the game. You may want to laminate all of the pieces to reuse the game year after year. After laminating, cut the calling cards and gold coin markers apart.


How To Play:

To begin playing the game, the caller will use the flashcards as a “call sheet.” They will place each sight word into a bowl, hat, or simply place them face down in a pile. Every child playing the game will have a different bingo sheet and bingo markers.



Just like in any Bingo game, the caller will pick a sight word card and read it to the children. The children will then look for the word on their card and cover using a marker. To add more fun to the game, let your students use candy hearts or heart erasers that they can keep at the end of the game. The first child to make a horizontal, diagonal or vertical row gets the BINGO!


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This St. Patrick’s Day Sight Word Bingo Game is a fun learning activity for your literacy block or classroom party. You’re sure to strike gold with your students!


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Click on the pencil to download and print the St. Patrick’s Day Sight Word Bingo Game!