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Sundae Sequencing Worksheets

Did you know that National Sundae Day is November 11th? To celebrate, your kids can learn how to make a sundae and with these Sundae Sequencing Worksheets!  Sequencing activities like this one will also help your beginning readers practice sequential order, comprehension skills, and much more!  The Sundae Sequencing Worksheets: Sequencing is one of the …

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Ice Cream Beginning Sounds Activity

Making learning fun this summer with this Ice Cream Beginning Sounds Activity! Phonics activities like this one are a hands-on way for preschoolers and kindergarteners to practice pre-reading skills.   Ice Cream Beginning Sounds Activity: After your kids can name the letters of the alphabet, it’s time for them to begin learning the letter sounds. …

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Magnetic Letter Phoneme Substitution Activity

Are you looking for a fun magnetic letter activity for your beginning readers? In this Magnetic Letter Phoneme Substitution Activity, your kids will work on identifying letter sounds and replacing the initial sound to make a new word.       Magnetic Letter Phoneme Substitution Activity: Using magnetic letters is a way to turn a simple …

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