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Magnetic Letter Beginning Sounds Activity

Making learning fun for your pre-readers and beginning readers with Magnetic Letter Beginning Sounds Activity! Magnetic letter activities like this one are a hand-on way for your kids to practice identifying the sound that a picture begins with and the letter that makes that sound.  Teaching your pre-readers the sounds made by individual letters will …

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Magnetic Letter CVC Words

Looking for magnetic letter activities for your beginning readers? Grab this free printable Magnetic Letter CVC Words Activity! This word work resource is a a fun, hands-on way to practice sounding out and identifying beginning, middle, and final sounds.  Using magnetic letters is a way to turn a simple activity into an interactive one. If …

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Magnetic Letter Match Activity

Are you looking for magnetic letter activities your preschoolers and kindergarteners? They can practice matching letters using this Magnetic Letter Match Activity! It’s a fun, hands-on way for pre-readers to identify letters, explore their shapes, and build visual discrimination skills.  Magnetic letters are one of my favorite manipulatives to use in my classroom and homeschool! …

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