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The Cat’s Hat Pattern Activity

Book-inspired Dr. Seuss Activities for Kids are always a fun way for them to learn to learn! Many children can recognize the cat’s hat even when it’s not on the character’s head, so we used that iconic symbol to create The Cat’s Hat Pattern Activity. Your kids will using the red and white stripes on the to create different patterns!  


Cat's Hat Pattern Activity



The Cat’s Hat Pattern Activity:

We love so many of Dr. Seuss’ books but The Cat In The Hat is one of our all-time favorites. From the unpredictable cat to the wise fish, this classic book if full of learning opportunities. It’s always fun to use the books that we love to read to teach our kids reading, math, and science concepts. 


Dr. Seuss Activity for Kids


Where Can I Find Dr. Seuss Books?

You can find many books by Dr. Seuss at your city or school library or purchase them at bookstores like Barnes and Noble.


You can also order them from Amazon. If you are not an Amazon Prime member, Amazon is offering a 30-Day Free Trial to Amazon Prime right now. Some of the Dr. Seuss’ older books are out-of-print, but you can often find used copies on Thrift Books.


Getting Ready To Do The Cat’s Hat Pattern Activity:

What’s Needed:

  • The Cat In The Hat by Dr. Seuss
  • Craft Sticks (1 jumbo craft stick and 12 or more regular craft sticks)
  • Red Paint
  • White Paint
  • Paint Brush


To prepare for this book-inspired activity, paint half of the craft sticks red and the other half white and let them dry. You can store the sticks in a pencil box or pouch for a quick and easy math center.  


How To Do The Cat’s Hat Pattern Activity:

Read The Cat In The Hat by Dr. Seuss and look at all of the illustrations. Talk about what the cat is wearing and ask your kids to describe the cat’s hat.  


Dr. Seuss Activities for Kids


Next, you kids can place the jumbo craft stick on the table and use the other red and white craft sticks to create an ABAB pattern like the cat’s hat.


You can use this activity to differentiate and challenge your students by asking them to create additional patterns like ABBABB or red, white, white or AABAAB or red, red, white.  


Extend the Learning:

For more pattern fun, you can also look back through the story and find rhyming words. Then, have your students identify the patterns or word families in the rhyming words. You can write the words on the sticks so your kids can sort and create word family hats.  


This book-inspired The Cat’s Hat Pattern Activity is a fun way for young children to learn about and practice creating patterns!


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