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Tooth Fairy Writing Activity

In this book-inspired Tooth Fairy Writing Activity, your kids will describe how they would catch tooth fairy.

Writing activities like this one are a great way for your children to be creative and work on developing their ideas. 

Dental Health Month Literacy Activity

Creative writing during the early elementary years gives your children a chance to use their imagination and be inventive. 

This writing activity is even fun for pre-writers. If your kids are just learning how to write, have them dictate their story to you as you write the words that they say.

Beginning Writing Activity

Why Should Kids Do Book-Inspired Activities?

Book-inspired activities like this one are a great way to extend story time and use our favorite books to make learning fun!

Writing can be challenging for many children. Using a story for inspiration can make learning the writing process and mechanics easier for young writers.

Getting Ready To Use The Tooth Fairy Writing Activity:

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What’s Included:

  • Tooth Fairy Page Toppers
  • “How To Catch The Tooth Fairy…” Writing Paper Templates

There are two different tooth fairy page toppers and they are in color and black and white.

There are also 6 “How To Catch The Tooth Fairy…” writing paper templates with different lines. 

What Else Is Needed:

To prepare this writing activity for your kids, fill out the form below.

Then, download and print the tooth fairy page topper and writing paper template that you want to use on white card stock or copy paper. 

How To Use The Tooth Fairy Writing Activity:

After reading the book How To Catch The Tooth Fairy by Adam Wallace, you and your kids can brainstorm ways to catch the tooth fairy. 

Tooth Fairy Literacy Activity

Next, your children will write how they would catch the tooth fairy on the writing paper template. 

Creative Writing Activity

Then, your kids will color and cut out the tooth fairy page topper. They will then attach it to the top of their paper. 

Writing Activities

This book-inspired Tooth Fairy Writing Activity is a creative way to get your children thinking and writing about how they would catch tooth fairy. 

Book-Inspired Activity

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Download The Tooth Fairy Writing Activity:

To get the printables for this Tooth Fairy Writing Activity, fill out the form below.