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Fun Alphabet Activities for Kindergarten

Are you looking for fun alphabet activities for kindergarten (and preschool too?) Check out these resources!

These low-prep and hands-on letter recognition activities will make learning the ABC’s fun for your pre-readers!

Fun alphabet activities

Your students can use these letter activities independently during literacy centers or morning tubs.

You can also use these resources as an enrichment for early finishers or intervention during your small groups.

Snap Cube Letter Mats:

Snap cubes aren’t just for math! Your kids will use these Snap Cube Letter Mats and the colorful block to build letters.

They can also use the pictures on the mats to practice identifying letter sounds and work on writing by tracing the letters.

Learning the ABC's

Magnetic Letter Lowercase Letter Mats:

With these Magnetic Letter Lowercase Letter Mats, your kids will work on identifying and building letters.

Matching the size and shape of the magnets to build the letters will help them to develop their visual discrimination skills too.

Alphabet Playdough Mats:

Who doesn’t love playdough?! Your students will use these these Alphabet Playdough Mats and dough to make letters and pictures.

Rolling, squeezing, and shaping the dough will help them to develop their fine motor skills too.

Letter Formation Activities

Building Blocks Letter Mats:

Make learning letter recognition fun with these Building Blocks Letter Mats!

As your students use building blocks to create the letter, they will work on developing their fine motor skills too.

Link Capital Letter Mats:

Your kids will have so much fun using these mats and plastic links to form capital letters.

As they connect the links together, they will also work on their fine motor and visual discrimination skills.

Craft Stick Letter Mats:

Use these Craft Stick Letter Mats to help your preschoolers and kindergarteners work on letter recognition!

They will have fun building the capital and lowercase letters on these cute builder bear letter mats.

Pattern Block Letter Mats:

From squares to trapezoids, your kids will have fun using these Pattern Block Letter Mats and different shapes to form letters.

They can work on identifying the beginning sounds and practice tracing the letters too.

Letter Recognition Activities

These fun alphabet activities for kindergarten are a hands-on way for your young learners to practice letter identification, formation, and much more!

Save For Later:

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