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Letter B Book

From bubbles to bacon, there are so many fun words that begin with the letter B! Your preschoolers will practice recognizing the letter B as they read this free printable Letter B Book!


Letter B Book

Letter B Book:

There are so many different ways to use these simple alphabet books for preschoolers! From learning the abc’s to book and print awareness concepts, your kids can use these printable books to review and learn important pre-reading skills. If your pre-readers already know all of the letter names, they can work on identifying the sight words throughout the book.


Letter B Book


If you are a classroom teacher, you can read this printable book together with your class. You can then have your students work on reading it and send it home for even more additional practice.


Getting Ready To Use The Letter B Book:

What’s Included:

  • Letter B Printable Book


This free printable alphabet book includes a total of 6 pages (3 pages to print) including the cover.


What Else Is Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Crayons
  • Highlighter (optional)


To prepare this free printable, fill out the form below to download and print the reproducible book. Next, cut the pages apart and stack them together in order. Finally, staple the pages of the book together.


How To Use The Letter B Book:

There are many different way to use this alphabet book for preschoolers.


Highlight the Letter B– As you are reading the book to your kids, have them highlight all of the letter b’s that they can find on every page. Preschoolers love to use highlighters!


Printable Letter Book


Review Concepts of Print– When you are reading, have your kids follow along by turning the pages in the book. You can also have them practice reading from left to right and point to each word.


Circle the Sight Words– To differentiate this alphabet activity, you can have your kids find and circle a sight word such as I, like, or the throughout the book.


Book for Every Letter


This Letter B Book is a simple way for kids to practice letter recognition, review concepts of print, and identify sight words. Hope your preschoolers like these alphabet books for every letter!



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Letter B Book


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