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Letter J Books

Dive into the topics of courage, empowerment, kindness, sibling rivalry, and more in this list of Letter J Books.

There are lots of great conversation starters and informational books for you on these book lists for kids like this one.

Letter J Books for Preschook

With these fiction and non-fiction stories, your kids can also practice pre-reading skills including letter recognition and concepts of print.

How Can I Use These Letter J Books to Start Conversations?

Grab one of the books on the list and peruse it before reading it with your kids.

Write down a few questions you might want to ask throughout as well as at the end.

Whether you’re going for reading comprehension or a deeper discussion of the included topics, a little preparation can make all the difference!

Alphabet Books

Where Can I Find These Letter J Books?

Whether you’re looking to add some incredible titles to your home or classroom library or if you’re just looking for some quality books to read to your younger kids, these books can be found in a variety of places.

To purchase, check your local bookstore, Barnes and Noble, or an online retailer such as Amazon.

Your local school or public libraries should have a lot of these options available to borrow as well.

Book Lists for Kids

Letter J Resources for Pre-Readers:

After reading these letter J books, give your pre-readers to learn more with these fun activities.

You May Also Like This Letter Recognition Activity:

These Capital Letter Strip Puzzles are a fun, hands-on way for kids to practice identifying and matching capital letters.

This activity can be used for morning tubs, literacy centers, or fine motor journals in any preschool or kindergarten classroom or homeschool.

Click on the picture below to learn more about this alphabet resource!

From Over in the Jungle to The Jelly Donut Different, click on the pictures below to learn more about these letter j books!

Letter J Books for Kids

Do you have a favorite letter J book? Share it in the comment section below!