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Letter Recognition Printables

Are you teaching letter recognition skills to your kids? Your preschoolers and kindergarteners can use Letter Recognition Printables to practice what they are learning!

With these preschool worksheets, your pre-readers will work on letter recognition, formation, and beginning sounds.

This alphabet activity is also a great way for your young learners to develop their fine motor skills, visual discrimination skills, and much more.

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You can use these worksheets for preschoolers in your classroom or homeschool to assess what your children have learned and the letters they need to practice.

These letter recognition printables can also be used as an independent activity or intervention resource to help all your students.

How To Use These Letter Recognition Printables:

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On the worksheet, your kids will first trace the large capital and lowercase letter. They can use a pencil, crayon, marker, or even something more tactile like glitter glue. 

Next, your children will color the picture. If you are helping them complete the worksheet, you can talk about how the piicture begins with the letter and sound. 

Your preschoolers will then use a Bingo dauber or a crayon to color in all of the circles that have lowercase and capital letters.

They can also cover the letters with manipulatives such as mini erasers, pom poms, or counters.

Finally, your kids will trace the capital and lowercase letters for more letter formation and writing practice. 

learning the abc's

This set of 26 preschool worksheets is a simple way for pre-readers to practice recognition, formation, and beginning sounds.

How To Expand This Letter Recognition Activity:

Before your kids complete these preschool printables, you can introduce them to the letters of the alphabet by reading books such as:

Most of these books can be found at your local library or used bookstore.

letter recognition activity

You can also find them online through Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

More Letter Recognition Resources:

If you are looking for more letter recognition resources, try these alphabet activities:

You can use these letter recognition resources to reinforce or expand on the letters that your children are learning.

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Is It Important For Preschoolers To Learn Letter Recognition?

Children need to be able to recognize every letter of the alphabet by their shapes and names before they can learn to read.

Along with being able to identify letters, your preschoolers also need to know how to tell the difference between them. This can be tricky since many letters look similar.

Using resources like these letter recognition printables will help your children practice letter recognition and other pre-reading skills.

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