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Teaching Letter Recognition

If you are Teaching Letter Recognition skills to your preschoolers and kindergarteners, these strategies and tips will help you teach them the concepts that they need to know.

With the fun, hands-on resources, your young learners will work on learning the ABC’s including naming and forming the letters.  

how to teach letter recognition

Whether you are a teacher, parent, childcare provider, or tutor, these alphabet resources will help your kids learn and practice the concepts.

You can differentiate these activities to meet the needs of all your learners and provide them with independent practice or intervention resources.

Teaching Letter Recognition:

Letter recognition is one of the five pre-reading skills that your preschoolers and kindergarteners need to know before they can learn how to read.

Learning all about letters and having opportunities to use them in different contexts will help your kids develop the skills they’ll need for reading success throughout their life.

Teaching Letter Recognition

Through these hands-on letter recognition activities, your kids will work on many different things including:

  • Understanding that each letter has its own shape
  • Naming the letters of the alphabet
  • Recognizing capital and lowercase letters
  • Differentiating between the letters

These letter recognition resources will also help your children develop visual discrimination skills, fine motor skills, and much more!

How To Teach Letter Recognition:

If you are teaching letter recognition to your pre-readers, you may need these tips and strategies.

Letter Recognition: How to Teach the ABC’s

Letter Recognition Strategies for Different Learning Styles

Activities for Letter Recognition:

With these hands-on activities, your preschoolers and kindergarteners can practice the letter recognition skills that you are teaching them.

Letter Recognition Puzzles

Letter Recognition Cards

Letter Recognition Activities

Sensory Activities for Letter Recognition

Letter Recognition Worksheets

Letter Recognition Printables

Letter Recognition Games

Letter Recognition Toys

Letter Recognition Activities

When Does Letter Recognition Start?

Around the age of three or four, children will begin to learn the letters of the alphabet.

They will usually recognize the letters in their names first.

In kindergarten, kids will begin to make the connection between letters and sounds.

What Letters Should I Teach First?

When teaching letter recognition to your kids, you don’t have to introduce them in alphabetical order. 

Children have usually seen the letters and heard the sounds in their names, so it is usually easier for them to identify those letters.

The letters in their names will have more meaning and allow them to practice recognizing those letters in different ways too.

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