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Letter Recognition Strategies For Different Learning Styles

When teaching letter recognition to your preschoolers and kindergarteners, it’s important to use letter recognition strategies for different learning styles.

For every learning style, you need a variety of resources and activities, so your children can learn the letter names, shapes, and sounds.

Many of these strategies use more than one of the different learning styles so you can differentiate and meet the needs of all your learners.

Learning the ABC's

When teaching the ABC’s to your children, start with just a few letters at a time. As they learn those and their letter knowledge increases, you can add more.

You can use a letter recognition assessment to keep track of the letters that your kids have learned and still need to practice.

Introducing the alphabet a few letters at a time will help your pre-readers not only learn but gain confidence too.

Letter Recognition Strategies:

All children learn differently, but there are four main types of learning styles.

Letter Recognition for Tactile Learners:

From forming letters out of play dough to building the alphabet using blocks, tactile learners learn best with hands-on and interactive activities.

These engaging and entertaining activities will help your pre-readers as they are learning the ABC’s:

Alphabet Mats

Sensory Activities for Letter Recognition

Letter Recognition Games

Letter Recognition for Auditory Learners:

For your auditory learners, sing and play a variety of different alphabet songs such as the LeapFrop Letter Factory ABC Song or Learning the Alphabet by Jack Hartman.

You can also use activities like these Letter Tracing Cards and say how every letter of the alphabet is formed as your children are writing it.

Letter Recognition

Letter Recognition for Kinesthetic Learners:

Kinesthetic learners learn best by moving. Your kids can make the letter shapes or act out the sounds using their hands and bodies. You may like Act Out the Alphabet by Jack Hartman or The Yoga Alphabet by Bari Koral.

Activities such as Letter Recognition Write the Room are a fun way to get your children up and moving as they learn the alphabet too.

Letter Recognition for Visual Learners:

Visual learners must see the letters and something that makes the sound. Have your kids look at your mouth as you say the letter names and sounds. They can also watch as you write the letters.

Alphabet posters are a great resource to display in your classroom or home. You can also use alphabet books and environmental print to point out different letters to your children.

These fun activities to help your visual learners learn the letters of the alphabet:

Alphabet Clip Cards

ABC Bingo Game

Letter Recognition Sensory Bin

Letter Recognition Strategies

You May Also Like These Alphabet Activities:

More Letter Recognition Activities:

If you are looking for more letter recognition activities for your preschoolers and kindergarteners, you may like these resources:

Letter Recognition Activities

Duck Theme Letter Recognition Worksheets from Books and Giggles

Letter Recognition Toys

Letter of the Week Crafts from Crystal and Comp