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Letter Recognition Worksheets

As you are teaching letter recognition skills to your preschoolers and kindergarteners, you can use these Letter Recognition Worksheets to help reinforce what they are learning.

Your kids will practice identifying capital and lowercase letters. They will also build visual discrimination skills as they search for those letters.

These no-prep letter recognition printables can be used in any early elementary classroom or homeschool as an independent activity or intervention resource.

Preschool Printables

If you are a classroom teacher, you can use these preschool worksheets for morning work or during literacy centers.

You can also send them home with your students for extra practice.

If you are a homeschooling parent, your kids can use these letter recognition printables as guided practice or independently.

Ways To Use These Letter Recognition Worksheets:

You can print these no-prep letter recognition worksheets on copy paper and then make as many copies as you need for your students.

After your kids find the letters, they can use Bingo daubers, crayons, or another writing utensil to color in the circles.

You can also print the letter recognition printables on card stock and then laminate or place each sheet in a dry erase pocket.

Your preschoolers and kindergarteners can cover the letters with small manipulatives such as mini erasers, small pom poms, or snap cubes.

This set of letter recognition printables includes 52 worksheets so there is one for every lowercase and capital letter.

Worksheets for Preschool

You can have your kids work on one letter at a time. As their letter knowledge increases, you can have them complete more.

How To Expand This Letter Recognition Activity:

A fun way to expand an activity is to pair it with a book or two. For this resource, you may like these:

If your children know all the letter names, they can practice saying the sounds that they make as they color in the circles.

Preschool Worksheets

Your preschoolers and kindergarteners can also identify words that begin with that letter and sound or sounds.

Related Letter Recognition Content:

As your kids are learning each letter of the alphabet, you can have them use these worksheets along with other activities like these:

These letter recognition resources can be used to reinforce and expand on the letters that your children are learning.

Letter Recognition Printables

Why Is Letter Recognition Important?

Before your kids can learn how to ready, they need to be able to identify all the letters of the alphabet by their shape and name.

Using fun, hands-on activities like this one will help your children to build their letter recognition skills.

They will also work on developing their fine motor and visual discrimination skills.

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