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Letter U Books

From unicorns to umbrellas, these Letter U Books are wonderful for encouraging your kids to read and learn!

Book lists for kids like this one are a great way to teach your children new topics while practicing letter recognition, sounds, and other pre-reading skills.

Alphabet Books for Every Letter

There’s so much to explore underground, lots to learn at a unicorn party, silly shenanigans that ensue with underpants, and so much more to find on this Letter U Books list!

Some books teach or spark imagination while others make you laugh! You’re sure to find something for all your kids!

Where Can I Find These Letter U Books?

If you’re looking to borrow before you buy, your local or school libraries are sure to have most, if not all of these titles.

If you can’t find one, ask a librarian if they can order it. Most libraries are happy to accommodate requests.

If you want to buy one or more of these titles, head to your local bookstore, Barnes and Noble, or order from an online retailer such as Amazon.

Book Lists for Kids

How Can I Use These Letter U Books To Teach My Kids?

Several of the books cover great topics such as friendship, being inclusive, and kindness. These should be easy ones to discuss further with your children.

But even the silly books can spark conversation, if you’re prepared. Be sure to read the books ahead of time and write down some transition questions to get your kids thinking!

Alphabet Books

Letter U Resources for Preschoolers:

If you are teaching your young learners all about the letter U, grab these fun, themed resources too!

You May Also Like This Letter Recognition Activity:

These Letter Dot Painting Worksheets are a fun, hands-on way for your students to practice letter recognition and formation.

With this Bingo dauber activity, your kids will also work on work on their fine motor skills, pencil control, and much more. Click on the link or picture to learn more!

If you see a letter U book that you like, click on the picture or “read more” to learn more about it!

Letter U Books for Kids

What is your favorite letter U book for kids? Share it in the comment section below!