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Sight Word Stamps

Are you looking for a fun sight word activity for your kids? These Sight Word Stamps are a creative, hands-on way to practice spelling and reading high frequency words. 


Sight Word Stamps: Sight Word Activity


Sight Word Stamps:

What are sight words? There are two different types of high frequency words. First, there are words that don’t follow the phonics “rules” so kids need to memorize them. There are also words that are frequently used in writing so it is easier for children to remember them. That way, they can build fluency and don’t have to sound them out every time they are reading. 


Getting Ready To Use The Sight Word Stamps:

What’s Needed:

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  • 2″ Foam Letters
  • Jumbo Craft Sticks
  • Paint
  • Foam Paint Brushes
  • White Card Stock or Paper
  • Glue


Sight Word Stamps Supplies


Before making your sight word stamps, pick the high frequency words that you want to use. You can make stamps for the Dolch or Fry Sight Words that your kids are working on in your classroom or homeschool. You can also make stamps for other words that they are learning such as vocabulary terms or spelling words.


Sight Words


To make the stamps, carefully glue the foam letters in order from last to first onto a jumbo craft stick. For longer words, you can use a paint stick. The letters need to be glued on backwards so when you turn the craft stick over the word will be spelled correctly.


Sight Word Stamps


How To Use The Sight Word Stamps:

To begin using this sight word activity, use your foam paint brush to paint the letters. You can use one color or try painting the letters with a few different colors so the words look like a rainbow.


High Frequency Word Activity


Next, stamp your words onto a piece of white card stock or paper by holding each end of the craft stick and lightly pressing down on the letters. Then, carefully lift the stamp off the paper. After the paint dries, practice reading the words. You can also stamp the sight words onto index cards to create a set of flash cards.


Sight Word Activity


Making Sight Word Stamps and painting the high frequency words is a fun and creative sight word activity that your kids are sure to enjoy! 


Pin It For Later:

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Sight Word Stamps


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