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10 Tips For Preparing Your Literacy Resources

Have you recently purchased one of our resources or downloaded a free activity? We are sharing 10 Tips For Preparing Your Literacy Resources with you today!


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Tips For Preparing Your Literacy Resources:

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Instant Ink: If you don’t have Instant Ink yet, you may want to check into it. It saves me money and my printer ink is shipped to my door. I don’t have to run to the store late at night when I’m out of ink anymore!


Card Stock: I print all of my resources on white or colored card stock because it is thicker and more durable.


Printing Options: To save paper and ink, you can print two pages on one sheet of paper using Adobe. Simple click print, multiple, and set the pages per sheet.


Laminate: After printing the activity, laminate the printables so that your kids can use them over and over. My children are using activities that I’ve had and used for 15 years! 


How To Prepare Resources


Dry Erase Pockets: You can also use dry erase pockets, so your kids can reuse the resources. Simply place each worksheet in a pocket and then you can easily switch pages and activities. 


More Tips For Preparing Your Literacy Resources:


Paper Cutter: After laminating your resources, you can use a paper cutter to cut the cards apart. For the more detailed activities, I use a good pair of scissors.  


Shoe Box Plastic Containers: I like to use shoe box containers, so I can put all of the supplies (such as dice, dry erase markers, counters, and other manipulatives) that my kids will need with the activity together in one box.


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Pencil Boxes: If you don’t have the room to store containers that are the size of a shoe box, many of the activities can fit into pencil boxes. I have also used the boxes that my ink is shipped in from Instant Ink.


Rolling Cart: In our homeschool, we use rolling cards with drawers that my children can pull out. They can easily grab an activity to work on independently.


Binders & Page Protectors: When your students are ready to move on and learn the next concept, store the resources in binders. Then, you can put the binders on a bookshelf and easily pull them out for review or for your next class.


Just like any hands-on activity, it will take a little bit of time and work to prepare your resources. But once everything is prepped, you will be able to use these activities year after year.


We hope that these 10 Tips For Preparing Your Literacy Resources help you get your activities ready for your kids. If you have a tip to share, leave a comment below! 


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