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Pre-Reading Skills

Before we can teach our kids to read, they need to learn the 5 Pre-Reading Skills.

While learning these skills, our pre-readers will develop and build the foundation for lifelong learning and reading success.

Pre-Reading Skills

Pre-Reading Skills:

Teaching your kids to read may seem overwhelming. Where do you even start? Click on the links below to learn more about each one of the reading readiness skills.

Motivation to Read

Language Skills

Concepts of Print

Letter Knowledge

Phonological Awareness

Pre-Reading Skills

Pre-Reading Resources:

Whether you are a parent, homeschooler, classroom teacher, or tutor, you can use these resources and activities below to help your children learn these reading readiness skills. 

Concepts of Print:

Parts of a Book Poster & Worksheet

Concepts of Print Posters

Letter Knowledge:

Alphabet Posters

Letter Knowledge Assessment 

Letter Recognition Activities

Phonological Awareness:

Syllable Clip Cards

Connect Links Rhyming Activity

These resources to help your pre-readers learn the 5 Pre-Reading or Reading Readiness Skills and build the foundation for reading success. Soon, your children will be learning how to read! 

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Reading Readiness Skills

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Are you looking for more fun, hands-on alphabet activities? These resources will help your students to practice letter identification and formation. Your kids will also work on developing their fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination, and more. Click on the picture to learn more!

More Resources For Pre-Readers:

Book Lists for Kids

Learning the ABC’s

Preschool Worksheets

Pre-Reading Skills Checklist PDF:

Do you want a checklist of these reading readiness skills? Fill out the form below to automatically download and print the Pre-Reading Skills Checklist: