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Concepts of Print Posters

After using the Parts of a Book Poster, you can teach your pre-readers more about book and print awareness with these Concepts of Print Posters. 


Concepts of Print Posters


Concepts of Print:

One of the 5 Pre-Reading Skills Kids Need To Be Successful Readers is Concepts of Print. Kids who know the concepts of print will have a basic understanding of how books and print work. Concepts of Print can be broken down into two parts- book awareness and print awareness.


print awareness


What Is Print Awareness?

Kids who have print awareness understand that the words in a book are not only what we read but they have meaning too. They learn that we read from left to right and from top to bottom, and we move from one line to the next or “return sweep” as we read too.


Also, children can identify and know the difference between words, letters, sentences, capital letters, and punctuation. These concepts are important for pre-readers to know as they learn how to read! 



Getting Ready To Use The Concepts of Print:

What’s Included:

  • 12 Concepts of Print Posters
    • Author
    • Illustrator
    • Parts of a Book
    • Cover
    • Print
    • Illustration
    • Letters
    • Words
    • Sentence
    • Reading Direction
    • Capital Letter
    • Punctuation Mark


What Else Is Needed:

  • White Card Stock or Copy Paper
  • Laminator and Laminating Pouches


To prepare this pre-reading resource, click on the pencil below to download and print the posters. I like to print my resources on white card stock, because the thicker paper is more durable. But, you can use copy paper too. If you are going to hang the posters on a wall or bulletin board for your kids to reference, I would recommend laminating them too.


If you use these posters in your independent literacy centers, you can print more than one poster on a sheet of paper. (I usually print 4 per sheet.) Then, you can punch a hole in the corner of each card and place them on a ring so your children can easily flip through them. 


How To Use The Concepts of Print Posters:

These pre-reading posters can be used in any early childhood classroom or homeschool. You can also use this resource if you are a intervention specialist or tutor. 


Anchor Charts: After laminating the posters, you can hang them on the walls or a bulletin board for you and your children to reference. 


book awareness


Guided Reading Center: During guided reading groups, you can use these posters as a way to teach or assess a particular concept of print. 


Independent Literacy Center: While working with a partner or by themselves, your kids can select a poster and find the parts of the book. They can use sticky notes with the parts written on them and label the book too.


Pre-Reading Skills


These Concepts of Print Posters are a great reference tool for you to use to teach your pre-readers more about book and print awareness.



Pin It For Later:

Do you want to save these concepts of print posters for later? Pin this to your pre-reading board on Pinterest and it’ll be here for when you’re ready!


Concepts of Print Posters


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Download The Freebie:

Click on the pencil below to download and print the free Concepts of Print Posters!


Thursday 22nd of September 2022

hello! These are wonderful! I am so excited to have found them! Do you have one for Title page?

ABC's of Literacy

Sunday 25th of September 2022

The posters included are for: Author Illustrator Parts of a Book Cover Print Illustration Letters Words Sentence Reading Direction Capital Letter Punctuation Mark

Hope that helps!

susie sawyer

Saturday 30th of April 2022

Thank you. I teach pre-k and love this!