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Letter Recognition Sensory Bin

When you are teaching letter recognition skills to your kids, make learning fun with hands-on activities like this Letter Recognition Sensory Bin! Alphabet sensory bins can help your tactile and visual learners work on identifying lowercase and capital letters through play. Your preschoolers and kindergarteners will also practice their visual discrimination and fine motor skills …

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Fishing Alphabet Sensory Bin

Are you looking for a way to keep your preschoolers learning the ABC’s all summer long? This Fishing Alphabet Sensory Bin is a real “catch!” It will engage and entertain your preschoolers and kindergarteners as they practice identifying capital and lowercase letters.  Fishing Alphabet Sensory Bin: If you are looking to add more sensory play …

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Unicorn Alphabet Sensory Bin

Celebrate National Unicorn Day with this Unicorn Alphabet Sensory Bin! In this fun sensory activity, your preschoolers will practice learning the ABC’s!   Unicorn Alphabet Sensory Bin: This letter recognition activity is a fun way for pre-readers to practice recognizing lowercase and capital letters. You can have your preschoolers work on one set of letters …

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