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Beginning Sounds Activities

Are you looking for resources to help your students learn letter sounds? Try these fun, hands-on Beginning Sounds Activities!

After your kids know all of the capital and/or lowercase letters by their names and shapes, it’s time for them to start learning letter sounds.

letter sounds

Through these interactive activities your young learners can practice identifying letters and the sounds that they make.

Learning beginning sounds is an important step for kids in developing phonemic awareness and early reading skills.

Beginning Sounds Activities:

Beginning Sound BINGO Game:

Call out the letters or sounds while your students mark off the pictures on their boards that begin with those sounds. The first person to get 5 in a row or fill their boards wins the game!

Beginning Sound BINGO

I Spy with Beginning Sounds:

Play an “I Spy” game where you describe an object using its inital sound rather than its name. For example, “I spy with my little eye, something that starts with the sound /b/.”

Beginning Sound Puzzles:

Make learning beginning sounds fun and interactive with puzzles. Your kids will match capital and lowercase letters with pictures that begin with the letter sounds in this hands-on activity.

Beginning Sound Puzzles

Letter Sound Hopscotch:

Draw a hopscotch grid on the ground with letters instead of numbers. When a your kids hop onto a letter, they must say the sound that it makes.

Letter Sound Scavenger Hunt:

Give your students a list of letters and have them search for objects around the classroom that begin with the sounds that those letters make.

Beginning Sounds Clip Cards:

Clip clothespins on to cards to match letters to pictures or pictures to letters. This will help your students practice identifying sounds and develop their fine motor skills.

Beginning Sounds Clip Cards

Letter Sound Matching:

Provide a set of picture cards, each representing a word that starts with a different letter sound. Your young learners will then match the objects to the corresponding letters.

Letter Sound Matching

Phonics Apps and Games:

Use educational apps and online games designed to teach phonics to engage your kids while reinforcing beginning sound recognition.

Sing Songs:

Incorporate songs and rhymes that focus on initial sounds. Singing catchy tunes can help your students remember the sounds associated with different letters.

Read Aloud Books:

Choose books that emphasize specific initial sounds. As you read, pause and ask your students to identify words that start with the target sound.

Your kids can also use book-inspired activities that focus on learning letter sounds like this There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Beginning Sound Activity.

Arts and Crafts:

Create letter projects like this Letter P Pig Craft or this Letter C Carrot Craft that will help your kids learn a particular letter and sound.

Letter Sounds Sorting:

Give your students a variety of picture cards and ask them to sort them based on their beginning sounds. This activity helps them categorize sounds and reinforce recognition.

With these hands-on beginning sounds activities, your students can have fun learning the sounds that the letters make.

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