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Dinosaur Books For Your Future Paleontologists

Do you have kids who LOVES dinosaurs as much as my son? Then, they are sure to enjoy reading these stories about the pre-historic animals! This list of fiction and non-fiction Dinosaur Books For Your Future Paleontologists will be a great addition to your Dinosaur unit too.


Dinosaur Books


Dinosaur Books For Your Future Paleontologists: 

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Dinosaur Picture Books:

Oh Say Can You Say Di-no-saur?: All About Dinosaurs

Take a trip with Cat in the Hat to the world of dinosaurs! Learn about how fossils are formed and found and get an introduction to some pre-historic creatures. 


Fly Guy Presents: Dinosaurs

My kids love the Fly Guy books! In this one, your kids will take a field trip with Fly Guy and Buzz to a natural history museum to learn all about dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Atlas

As your kids read this book, they can unfold maps and lift the flaps to reveal amazing facts and illustrations about how they lived and where they were discovered. They can also measure themselves against life-size bones, teeth and claws.

Who Would Win? Tyrannosaurus Rex vs. Velociraptor

My 3rd graders loves the “Who Would Win?” series of books! In this one, your kids will guess who would win if a T-rex and a Velociraptor met and had a fight while they learn facts about each dinosaur. There is also Who Would Win? Ultimate Dinosaur Rumble.


What If You Had T. Rex Teeth?: And Other Dinosaur Parts

My 1st grader love the “What If You Had series” of books! In this one, your kids will discover what it would be like to be part dino. They will learn what makes a dinosaur a dinosaur and why they aren’t still around today.


Dinosaur Chapter Books:

Dinosaurs Before Dark

This book is the first in the Magic Tree House series! Your kids will love to follow Jack and Annie on their adventure as they head to pre-historic times and learn all about dinosaurs. 
Dinosaurs: A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Tree House

To go along with Dinosaurs Before Dark, this is a non-fiction book full of facts about dinosaur hunters, flesh-eaters, plant-eaters, and much more. During our Morning Basket time, I read one chapter from the fiction book and one from the non-fiction book. What Was the Age of the Dinosaurs?

Go back 250 million years ago as you read this book and learn all a bout fossils, the people who found them ,and some paleontologists.


Dinosaur Detectives

Do your kids love The Magic School Bus as much as mine do? Then, they will enjoy Ms. Frizzle’s journey as Arnold, Phoebe, and the rest of the class learns all about dinosaurs.


Your future paleontologists are sure to love reading these fiction and non-fiction Dinosaur Books as they learn all about the prehistoric creatures. 


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Dinosaur Picture Books


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Cotton Ball Dinosaur Painting

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Dinosaur Terrarium 

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