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Dinosaur Sensory Bin Idea

Are your kids learning all about dinosaurs? Then, you have to add this Dinosaur Sensory Bin to your unit. Sensory activities like this one are a fun way for children to play, use their imaginations, and explore what they are learning. Most importantly, your kids will have fun! 


Sensory Activity

Dinosaur Sensory Bin:

What is sensory play? It is any activity that stimulates your children’s sense of touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing. Movement and balance activities are great for sensory play too.


Dinosaur Sensory Bin


These types of play activities are important because they help your kids to develop their language and fine motor skills. Sensory play also encourages them to explore, investigate, problem solve, observe, experiment, and form conclusions. 


Dinosaur Sensory Play


Sensory bins are a fun and easy way to add sensory play into your day. They are a container or tub filled with material and objects such as water beads, sand, or shredded paper that your kids can play with and explore. They are also a fun, hands-on way to incorporate learning other concepts. 


Getting Ready To Use The Dinosaur Sensory Bin:

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What’s Included:

  • Dinosaur Cards


What’s Needed:

  • Activity Tray or Small Bin
  • Blue Gravel
  • Small Rocks
  • Sand
  • Mini Plastic Dinosaur Toys
  • Mini Artificial Plants & Trees
  • Moss
  • Sticks
  • Leaves
  • Water 


How To Set-Up The Dinosaur Sensory Bin:

To create this dinosaur sensory bin for your kids, add sand to a large bowl. Then, add water and mix until you’ve created thick “mud.” Next, add the wet sand to the tray but leave some space for your river.


Dinosaur Sensory Bin


After spreading the sand, add blue gravel to the bottom of your river. Then, line the river with small rocks and add water. Next, add mini artificial plants and trees to the sandy areas.


You can also add moss, sticks, leaves, or any other item that you would like in your sensory bin. Finally, add a variety of mini plastic dinosaurs in the bin. 


Dinosaur Sensory Activity


How To Use The Dinosaur Sensory Bin:

If you are a classroom teacher, your students can use this sensory bin during centers or as an enrichment activity for early finishers. As a homeschooler, you can use this for a hands-on morning basket activity or strew it for an independent play activity.


You could also leave this activity out with a few dinosaur books for them to explore on their own.


To use the dino cards, your kids can pick a card and identify the dinosaur on it. They can then find that dinosaur in the sensory bin. You can talk about the characteristics of each one and the different time periods that they lived.  


Sensory Play Activity


This Dinosaur Sensory Bin is an entertaining sensory activity for kids. They will use their imaginations while exploring, playing and, having fun!



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Dinosaur Sensory Bin


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