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Gingerbread Man Building Letters Activity

Are you looking for Gingerbread Man Activities for your kids to do this season? This Gingerbread Man Building Letters Activity is a fun, hands-on way for your preschoolers to work on letter recognition, formation, and more!

Learning the ABC's

Gingerbread Man Building Letters Activity:

Building the letters of the alphabet using crafts sticks is not only a hands-on way for your pre-readers to practice letter recognition and letter formation.

But, it’s also a fun activity to help your kids develop their fine motor skills. These skills are so important for pre-readers and pre-writers who are learning everything from how to hold a book to grip a pencil!

Gingerbread Man Activity for Kids

Getting Ready To Use The Gingerbread Man Building Letters Activity:

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What’s Included:

  • 26 Gingerbread Man Capital Letter Cards

What Else Is Needed:

  • White Card Stock or Copy Paper
  • Scissors
  • Craft Sticks
  • Laminator and Lamination Pouches (optional)

Gingerbread ManĀ Letter Recognition Activity

To prepare this alphabet activity for your kids, click on the button below and fill out the form.

After receiving the printables in your inbox, download and print the gingerbread man letter cards. 

Next, cut the cards apart. (There are two per page.) You may want to also laminate the cards so your kids can use this activity over and over. 

For this activity, your kids will need to use both the full-size and mini craft sticks. You can order either the colored or natural mini ones from Amazon or make your own.

To make your own set of mini craft sticks, cut the regular ones in half. You will then want to sand the cut edge so it isn’t sharp or rough for your kids.

How To Use The Gingerbread Man Building Letters Activity:

To begin using this letter recognition activity, your preschoolers will select a gingerbread man card and identify the letter on it.

Christmas Letter Recognition Activity

Your kids will then use the craft sticks to build the letter. They can construct it right on top of the letter on the card.  

Christmas Letter Recognition Activity

This Gingerbread Man Building Letters Activity is a fun, hands-on way for preschoolers to work on letter recognition, letter formation, fine motor skills, and much more!

How To Extend The Activity:

There are many other educational activities that you kids can do for the upcoming holiday. You can read gingerbread man books like these:

How to Catch the Gingerbread Man by Adam Wallace

Gingerbread Christmas by Jan Brett

Tough Cookie: A Christmas Story by Edward Hemingway

You can also pair this resource with more Christmas-themed activities like these:

Gingerbread Playdough Mats from Books and Giggles

Gingerbread Man Count and Graph Worksheets from Homeschool Preschool

Pin It For Later:

Do you want to save this gingerbread man themed letter recognition resource for later? Pin this to your alphabet or gingerbread man boards on Pinterest and it’ll be here for when you’re ready!

Letter Recognition Activity

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Download The Freebie:


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